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Final frame pic

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Here is the machine! Anyone can build this with basic tools. I will be adding the derailleurs, brakes, tires, cables etc etc and giving this a test ride soon. After that it is a scrape down and paint.

Things that I have learned from this

-Recumbents can be dirt cheap.
-Dont use quick release axels on the front wheel here, you need all the axel you can get to mount everything.
-Welders are optional
-The offset or dish of the drive wheel has to be taken into account when bending forks
-The lack of offset in the coasting wheel has to be taken into account when mounting on the rear part of a frame, you should put a third nut onto the left side axel and spin it down onto the bearing lock nut before mounting to offset or space the wheel so that the wheel wont rub the frame and you can properly mount the brake. (I will post some photos of this later)
-I may make a major change to the dropouts on the cut down frame to make life easier. Stay tuned Same bat place, same bat time....

This is alot like a Cruzbike, and I recommend you buy one or buy the kit if you dont want to go through this rigamoreole... it is a great kit or a great bike if you purchase one.

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  1. Anonymous John 

    Hi Ben,

    I'd think the drop outs were offset evenly off the centre line of the frame, so I'd therefore expect the dishing in the rims to place them on the centreline both before and after the conversion?

    nice work.

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